Originally known as "The Milbourne Group - Consulting Engineers, Inc.", TMG - Consulting Engineers was established in 2009 by Clement Milbourne, P.E.  From the start, the company's focus has been on "High Performance and High Quality".  This phrase has become their mantra. 

From their inception, they recognized that there was a real need in the industry for firms that could seamlessly bridge a paper design to its "real world" implementation.  So initially, the focus was on helping contractors to manage and correctly install the technologically diverse M/E/P and building automation systems (BAS) that are included in many building designs today.  One of TMG's primary clients was Turner Construction Company.  Turner has been in the forefront of the construction industry for over 100 years and has built many iconic buildings around the world.  TMG later expanded their services to include various aspects of commissioning and controls design.  Then, to complete their offering of M/E/P and BAS services, they added Operations & Maintenance.  As TMG has grown, they've kept focused on their mantra of "High Performance and High Quality".  

We hope to partner with you and bring our ideals for excellence and quality to your project.